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Forge New aims to build income for Creators by exploring new products and services.

The Process

1. Let's discover your vision: 
What new area or market would you like to explore? What are your goals and how do you define success? What brands do you admire?

2. Market insights:
Our team will gather data and intel on the wider market, competitors, top-performing products and growth strategies to understand the landscape.

3. Tailored recommendations:
Based on your needs and audience, we will suggest strategies, products or services and refine with your feedback.

4. Distribution strategies:
We will recommend the best strategies, channels and methods to reach your target audience effectively with your new offerings.

Additional Services:

5. Validation:
We will validate your strategy and value proposition with targeted landing pages and targeted ads to ensure market fit.

6. Design: 
Let's design your new product or service to perfection, ensuring it meets your vision and objectives.

7. Build: 
We'll build your new product/service, bringing your vision to life with a polished final product.

8. Growth: 
Drive growth for your new product/service through tailored marketing and growth programs. We become your partner in growth.

Ready To Expand your offerings?
We'll Help you Forge New Business

Let your team focus on your core business. We'll handle the rest.

Ready to Partner?
The MOdel
Our team is comprised of operators and consultants that have incubated products either within companies or as entirely new businesses.

We understand that exploratory work and product incubation can be hard work.

We started "Forge New" in order to help creators explore new product lines, strategies and market segments to maximize income.

Forge new Made market testing and Brand positioning painless – expert guidance, swift results!

James B
Founder, Magic Mind